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Create your own EV Charging Platform

Electric driving is on the rise and is becoming more accessible to everyone by the day. With the increase in electric vehicles, the need for a more extensive charging network also increases. We believe that charging networks come in all shapes and sizes; private, public, local, international and more. If your customers have questions about electric vehicle charging, consider your own electric vehicle charging network. We are happy to talk to you about the possibilities.

Are you an installer and do you install charging stations? Then become a Maxem Partner.

Working with Maxem means working in a solution-oriented way. And that starts with your own Maxem Energy Cloud , which we can, if desired, set up completely in the look & feel of your organization. This allows you to easily manage all installed charging stations and other assets remotely.

Own secure environment

As a partner you always have free access to your own platform. This allows you to easily manage all your customers.

Independent CPO Platform

As an hardware agnostic platform, we are not married to a charging station manufacturer, so neither are you.

Insight into all assets

Via your own platform you get insight into the live status of all assets, from charging station to stationary battery.

With the use of Maxem Energy Cloud in the Electricea look & feel, we have created our own charging network.

Roel KeunenBusiness development manager, Electricea

Create your own network and manage all assets of your customers remotely

  • As a reseller you earn kickback fee on subscriptions.
  • Build your own charging network in your own corporate colors.
  • Insight into and management of all installed charging points.
  • Easy remote management of the installed charging points.
  • Over the Air (OTA) updates of charging station firmware.
  • Stay informed of our renewal and receive free updates and training.


Connect any asset that complies with the OCPP standard.


Easily connect systems via our secure APIs.


Overview, statistics, error reports and insights.


Our platform is multilingual, so it scales with you.

“Do you have any questions about our Partner program? Ask your question and I will contact you. ”

Mike StormBusiness Development Manager