Partners and resellers

Accelerating the energy transition is not a 'one-man show'. That is why we work with various partners and resellers who help us to accelerate the transition. From resellers who install our hardware to partners who integrate our products and services or use them to create their own network. Together we combine all the knowledge to help customers further and to make the world more sustainable step by step.



Electricea offers professional charging and energy solutions. As a brand independent supplier, we have a solution for every situation and every budget.

Baas BV

Baas BV (EV Ready) relieves larger organizations in the design and realization of smart and cost-saving charging infrastructure.


VenemaTech is a leading manufacturer of innovative energy management solutions. We are a reliable wholesaler of high-quality technical products.


Re-solutions brings together the best of different expertises from the energy market for you.


Unica Energy Solutions maakt de energietransitie waar! Unica Energy Solutions is gespecialiseerd in integrale energievraagstukken en energie-management voor de gebouwde omgeving.


WagenPlan helpt u meer rendement uit uw mobiliteit te halen. Doordacht, duurzaam én voordelig rijden. We nemen onze verantwoordelijkheid voor het milieu en de CO2-uitstoot als gevolg van mobiliteit.

Hardware resellers

Stahlhöfer Electrotechniek

Stahlhöfer Electrotechniek Amsterdam offers electrotechnical solutions for private individuals, small and large SMEs and the industrial sector.

KR Electrotechniek

KR electrotechniek is a young and modern electrotechnical installation company in Echt and specializes in electrotechnical installations.

Ben van Schoor

We are an electrical engineering agency with a wide range. You will find information about these services and products on our website.

TIB Totaal-installateurs

Felland Noord 1A,
9753 TB Haren

van Gameren Elektra

Snavel van Emekamp 43,
8014 CW Zwolle

P. Hoekwater

F.A. Wentstraat 2-A,
1431 KZ Aalsmeer

Mulder Installatietechniek

Industrieweg 10,
7418 CE Deventer


Bruningweg 15,
6827 BM Arnhem

VeBe Veiligopladen

De Huchtstraat 13,
1327 EB Almere

Hoppenbrouwers Techniek

Kreitenmolenstraat 201,
5071 ND Udenhout

Installatieburo W. Smit

Dorpsstraat 8,
7975 AP Uffelte

Van der Weij Installatie

Smidsstraat 9,
8601 WB Sneek


Korte Veenteweg 4,
8161 PC Epe

Bos Groep

Tennesseedreef 17,
3565 CK Utrecht