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Smart Charging voor je Tesla

Maxem Energy Controller works seamlessly with your Tesla Wall Connector

Avoid overload

Our Maxem Energy Controller works seamlessly with your Tesla Wall Connector. You are guaranteed to be protected against overload and high energy costs - even if you have selected the fast charging option with your Tesla.

Note: unfortunately we can only support Gen 1 & Gen 2. The Gen 3 is no longer accessible to us, so we can no longer support load balancing on it.

The smart energy monitor that protects against overload

Maxem Energy Controller measures all major energy flows in the house from your meter cupboard. Main connection, home consumption, car, sun and optionally even your heat pump.

With this measurement, the controller controls your charging point (s), thus preventing overload. So feel free to use everything at home while charging your electric car! Maxem protects against overload and high costs.

When developing, we specifically kept the EV driver in mind

Do you want to switch your charging point on or off? Or view all your charging sessions so that you can settle with your employer? It is possible with the Maxem Energy Controller, thanks to precise integration with Maxem compatible charging stations.

Switch on/off

Switch your charging point on/off with the Maxem App and determine the charging speed: Automatic or manual.


All your charging sessions are transparent and easy to download or export in PDF format.


Active load balancing with Tesla Wall Connector (Gen 1 & Gen 2), Alfen and KEBA charging points.

“Would you like to know more about our hardware? Leave a message and I will contact you.”

Laurens NooterBusiness Development Manager