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The platform to optimize energy consumption

Our cloud platform helps companies and consumers manage charging stations, solar panels and batteries more efficiently and optimize energy consumption, even with a limited grid connection.

Discover Maxem Energy Cloud


Easily manage all types of charging stations
With our Charge Point Management System (CPMS) you can easily manage all charging points and other assets, regardless of brand.


Carefree charging with a limited connection
With Dynamic Load Management (EMS), charging can continue as usual if an increase in transport capacity is not possible.


Smart management of sustainability and priority
In addition, our EMS also offers options for solar and priority charging, curtailing solar panels or peak shaven with batteries.

Made to be smart

Easily optimize energy consumption to meet renewable energy

Together with our (installation) partners, we do our part to keep what we have to borrow. By using sustainably generated and stored energy in a smart way, we ensure that homes and business locations become sustainable and self-sufficient. With the development of Maxem Energy Cloud and in combination with the Maxem Energy Controller and the Maxem Energy App, we ensure that the energy flows in the building are made transparent.

Discover Maxem Energy Cloud

Why choose Maxem?

Manage not only charge points, but also other energy consumers and generators.

Charging stations

The first step in the transition often starts with the installation of charging points for charging EVs or e-Trucks. AC, DC or V2G.

Solar panels

Gain insight into the 'production' of solar energy and coordinate this with the charging of EVs or limit the feed-in based on the contract.

Stationary batteries

Store sustainably generated energy in stationary storage and use it when the energy price is high or trade it on the energy market.

Grid connection

Easily balance your grid connection with ease and prevent overload or a heavier connection.

A Swiss army knife

Easily manage all your assets in one platform

With the help of Maxem Energy Cloud you can easily manage all your assets. Make an analysis based on the available data, adjust the rate on your charging stations, control the battery or set the minimum State of Charge. Clear and uncluttered.


Make smart use of reporting to gain insight into the use and deployment of your assets.


Onboard new assets yourself, adjust them and set them up. Do your management yourself.

Hardware agnostic

Integrations with almost all (known) charging station brands

With a market that is developing rapidly, the number of new brands entering the market is growing. As well as the number of newly developed charging stations. Before these are linked to our platform, we perform an extensive integration test. With this we ensure that our platform and the charging station are optimally connected to each other.

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