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Accelerators of the energy transition

Manage charge points, solar panels, (stationary) batteries and grid connection in one platform.

Easily optimize energy consumption to meet renewable energy

Maxem Energy Cloud

Your building consists of more than just charging points. Maxem Energy Cloud has been developed for the management of your location as a whole - including your charging points, stationary battery, solar energy and the grid connection.

Maxem Energy Controller

Our hardware has been developed for ease of use and reliability. Installed daily by installers and applied at 1500+ locations, you are assured of accurate measurements and precise control of your charging points and assets.

Developed to accelerate the transition

The world is saying goodbye to the fossil world at an increasing pace and embracing the new reality. With our EV Charging platform we support consumers and companies in this transition, step by step.

Charging stations

The first step in the transition often starts with the installation of charging points.

Energy flows

Monitor and visualize energy flows with our hardware in Maxem Energy Cloud.

Solar energy

Gain insight into the "production" of solar energy and, for example, charge cars using the sun.

Stationary batteries

Manage stationary energy storage and get full control and insight through our platform.

Grid connection

Balance your grid connection and prevent overload or a heavier connection.

It's our mission to accelerate the energy transition and optimize the use of renewable energy.

Peter BoonCEO

Extensive experience in Energy Management and E-mobility

Maxem started supplying consumer and SMB hardware to support them in avoiding grid connection overload when charging their EV. We have now expanded our platform to provide smart integrated (energy) solutions as an EV Charging Platform (CPMS), in addition to energy management.

Trusted and used by many

Installed base of 1500+ Maxem Energy Controllers

Simplify asset management

Easy online management of organizations, locations and assets

Extensive knowledge and experience

More than 3 years of experience and active in more than 11 countries

Prepared and focused on the future

Developed to support every step in the transition

Customer Stories

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Integrations with almost all (known) charging station brands

With a market that is developing rapidly, the number of new brands entering the market is growing. As well as the number of newly developed charging stations. Before these are linked to our platform, we perform an extensive integration test. With this we ensure that our platform and the charging station are optimally connected to each other.


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