Monitor everything – with the Maxem App.

The Maxem App is your energy pro for at home. Every significant energy flow at home has its own label; your grid connection, home energy use, charging station power as well as your electrical heating and home energy use. It is by far the most complete monitoring system for your home – with added benefit of dynamic load balancing.

Monitor the energy flow of your charging stations

While dynamically adjusting the power of your charging stations, Maxem is also a powerful monitoring tool for measuring this energy flow. Real-time, and in its perspective within your other home energy flows.

Settle your energy use with your business
Is your EV a corporate car? Then it makes sense to settle your charging sessions, as the electricity provided is yours. Maxem allows you to do so! Using the App, you can easily export your charging sessions.



Monitor your solar power

Your solar panels are a significant investment. Tracking your investment is a logical step. Maxem allows you to do so with the App. Use the App to view real-time performance as well as performance over time. Including your savings so far!

Monitor your electrical heating

Electrical heating is a significant energy consumer at home. It makes sense to monitor this as separate energy flow. Maxem allows you to do so! As with the other consumers, your heating energy flow is visible in real-time as well as over past periods.

energiemanager-app-heat pump


Monitor your home energy use

Your home energy use as separate energy flow is continuously monitored. Typically, 20% of your energy consumption at home is spent on non-heating use.


Maxem for home use

Max. 2 charging stations


Maxem for office use

>2 charging stations


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