Maxem & Tesla Wall Connector

Add even more brains to your Tesla Wall Connector with Maxem

Maxem is de ideal addition to your Tesla Wall Connector. Your household is protected against grid overload and its resulting grid connection fees. You also gain full control over your Tesla Wall Connector with power off/on and solar charging mode.

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Safety first

Always protect yourself against grid overload

While transitioning towards 100% sustainability, an EV is a logical choice. You may also choose for efficient home electrical heating

While transitioning to a 100% sustainable future, your grid connection load will increase. This will introduce the risk of overload, grid outage and possibly even the necessity for grid upgrades, with significant costs. Maxem avoids this by continuously monitoring your grid connection and changing car charging speed dynamically. Your grid connection will be safe, while your car charges at maximum available speed.

Maxem: perfectly tailored for EVs and a sustainable home

A perfect addition to your Tesla Wall Connector

Maxem is optimised for households with EVs, ad perfectly compatible with your Tesla Wall Connector. While providing perfect assurance against grid overload, Maxem also provides advanced control over your charging station such as access control and solar charging.

A helping hand with settlement
You may have a leased Tesla or your Tesla is business owned. When charging your car at home, you may wish for reimbursement of supplied electricity. Maxem allows for PDF export of your charging sessions to help you settle your finances – all via the Maxem App.

The Maxem App

Your energy in control

Next you providing essential grid overload protection, Maxem also provides in-depth energy monitoring, such:

  • Your grid connection is continously monitored on overload and use. The statistics are provided via the Maxem App.
  • Solar power is measured to provide insights into operations and your sustainability index.
  • Charging stations are monitored on functionality and operations.
  • Have electrical heating? Maxem allows for statistics via the App using and optional Maxem kWh meter.
  • Huisverbruik. The residual energy flow is your home energy consumption – up to 20% of your power use. The Maxem App provides you the insights you need.

Boost your sustainability

Solar charge with your Tesla Wall Connector

Do you have an electric car and solar panels? Then solar charging your car is a logical choice. It will save you on costs and lowers your carbon footprint. Maxem allows you to do so using your Tesla Wall Connector.

Just select solar charging in the Maxem App. Maxem will adjust you car charging speed to match power production of your solar panels. You will then consume tax-free solar power instead of grid power and directly save on your energy bill. If your energy provider does not allow for net metering, your savings will be even more significant!

Solar charging is available as bèta feature for voor Maxem users.

Curious for Maxem hardware?

Product specifications

Product size   55 x 184 x 167 mm
Installation location   Electrical cabinet
Required with Maxem   Wired internet
Compatible with   See webshop
Full details   See FAQ

Maxem is delivered with…

6 power sensors

LAN cable

Power cable

Maxem for at home

1 – 2 charging stations

Maxem for office use

3 – 99 charging stations


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