Use your own solar power!

Solar charging. Enabled!

EV drivers typically also have solar panels. Maxem couples these together in a single logical concept! Use Maxem to charge your car on your own solar power to save on your energy bills and increase your grid independence!

Solar charging is a bèta feature of Maxem

How Maxem works

Solar charge your car on the speed of your solar panels

Maxem has your energy flows in sight: your grid connection, as well as your solar power. These measurements are the starting point for solar charging. When selecting for solar charging in the Maxem App, your car will charge at exactly the speed of your solar panels.

Your mobility will immediately become 100% sustainable – as your grid dependance lowers.

In case you still need to top off quickly for a next meeting – just use the Maxem App again, select ‘auto’ and your car will charge on full speed again.

Lower your energy bill

Save on your energy bill with solar charging

While grid metering works for lots of solar powered homes, solar charging still makes sense. Solar power from your own solar panels is tax-free, while energy from the grid is taxed. Therefore, solar charging makes sense, even with net metering offered by your power company.

And whenever net metering stops – you are ensured of return of investment on your solar panels using solar charging.

One click away from solar charging

There’s an App for that…

Your Maxem App is gives you full control over your charging station, including:

  • Solar charging vs. dynamic full speed charging. When opting for solar charging, the charging process of your car will take longer. Cancel it whenever needed!
  • Charging station access control. When using a private charging station that can easily be accessed by others, it’s good to have a locking feature. Maxem allows you to do so.
  • Control your speed of charging at any time using manual controls.
  • Manage multiple charging stations. When operating multiple charging stations, managing individual charging strategies may be beneficial. Use the Maxem App!

Also for your office

Solar charging multiple cars

Maxem Home allows you to charge up to 2 cars on solar power simultaneously – which makes it suitable for small offices also.

Interested in charging more than 2 cars on solar power? Maxem will have this features added with significant market requests. Send us a message if you are interested!

Charge your Tesla on solar!

Maxem is compatible with your Tesla Wall Connector

Maxem is perfectly compatible with your Tesla Wall Connector. Just plug your Tesla, select Solar Charging via the App and you are ready to go!

See our section on Tesla Wall Connector compatibility for more info.

Looking for cold hard facts?

Maxem specifications

Product size   55 x 184 x 167 mm
Place of installation Your electrical cabinet
Connectivity requirement   Wired internet
Compatible with  See above
Full details   See Support

Whats in the box?

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Our customers’ experience

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Maxem for home use

Max. 2 charging stations

Maxem for office use

>2 charging stations


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