Always protected with dynamic load balancing

Maxem protects your home against grid overload and high energy bills

Most homes gradually have more electrical loads connected. Possibly also yours. This increasingly leads to grid overload, resulting in local black-outs. Maxem effectively prevents this!

How Maxem works

Your grid connection is safe

You probably already have an electric cooking stove, electric oven and perhaps a cooking tap water system. When driving an electric car, charging power loads will add to your electrical system. When opting for electrical heating, your electrical load will increase even further.

Adding electrical loads will increase the chances of overloading your grid connection. With persistent grid overload, loss of power due to outage increases.

With Maxem, you are protected automatically. Maxem measures your grid connection by the second, registers grid overload and adjusts the power of your charging stations accordingly.

Lower your energy bill

Prevent costly grid upgrades

Grid overload is very inconvenient. You may risk device failure whenever your grid fuse fails. When persistent, it may force you to opt for a larger grid connection. Dependent on your location, this may add up to your energy bill. Avoid these costs with Maxem! By controlling your grid load, grid upgrades can be prevented.

Visually smart, fully protected

Gain full control with the Maxem App

Maxem protects your grid connection by the second. Use the Maxem App to check your protection – and more:

  • Your grid connection energy use is visible, also in relation with your solar power
  • Your charging stations are visible and fully controllable;
  • Your solar power is closely monitored and tracked over time;
  • Your electrical heating energy consumption will be tracked when installing an optional Maxem power meter;
  • Home energy consumption becomes visible by the second.

Dynamic load balancing for your EV’s

Charge multiple electric cars at once

Safely charge two electric cars at once. On 2 separate charging stations. While using your oven…and more loads. Maxem takes care of your safety! Maxem Home supports 2 charging stations, while Maxem Plus & Maxem pro support up to 100 charging stations. Without risking grid overload.

Looking for an adaptive strategy to charge your EV faster, and your plug-in car a bit slower? With the Maxem App, you can change the individual settings of your charging station.

Looking for cold hard facts?

Maxem specifications

Product size   55 x 184 x 167 mm
Place of installation  Your electrical cabinet
Connectivity requirement  Wired internet
Compatible with  See above
Full details   See Support

Whats in the box?

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Our customers’ experience

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Maxem for home use

Max. 2 charging stations

Maxem for office use

>2 charging stations


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